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Welcome to Coprise LLC providing assembly and production solutions to
EMS, electronics, automotive, medical and industrial OEM's.

Liquid Dispensing Equipment for Assembly

I&J Fisnar Inc. dispensing products include, controllers for adhesives,
cyanoacrylates, epoxy resins, silicones, anaerobics and UV resins. Dispensing valves are offered for production applications and include, spray
valves, needle types, diaphragm models for low viscosity and high pressure
for high viscosity. Industrial robots include desk-top, gantry and
SCARA dispensing systems. A range of consumable accessories include
needles and syringes.

Electric & Pnuematic Power Screwdrivers

We are pleased to supply ASA fully automatic shut-off, low-voltage electric screwdrivers. All electric screwdrivers are lever start. Also available
are high torque pneumatic models, digital torque meters, controllers and power supplies.

Rework Kits for PCB & Cell Phone Repair

Especially formulated for cell phone repair, SMT rework, PCB repair, BGA and
CSP rework. All Coprise LLC products are no-clean including: rework
flux-paste and liquid-flux to penetrate below a BGA component,
organic cleaning Pens for cleaning the repair area and preparing the chip array. No-clean lead-free solder paste meets RoHs requirements.

Lead-free solder paste, no-clean flux and SMT adhesive

Heraeus solder paste: lead free no-clean solder paste, optimised for
Sn/Ag/Cu alloy soldering. Defect-free performance. Minimal slump. Flux
paste/gel: No-clean flux, excellent wetting capability. Liquid flux, no-clean
flux for repeatable soldering.
SMT Adhesive: high dot profile, stable glue
dots, enables very short dispensing times, extremely low humidity
absorption, not sensitive to temperature, excellent adhesion for difficult to
glue components.

Industrial Label Dispensers

A complete range of economic industrial power advance label dispensers for
all types of industrial and commercial labels, such as sheet labels, adhesive
rolls, bar code, custom labels and more. Save time, labor and
waste. Each system carries a two year warranty.

Dispensing Bottles for Solvents and Volatile Liquids

A selection of bench dispensing products HD & LD 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 12oz
bottles, dispensing caps and gravity fed reservoir applicators. Prevents
spillage and evaporation, enhances operator safety. Contact Coprise for
Friendly and helpful
people to handle your

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