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Flux Paste Kit
No-clean rework flux-paste kits:


Coprise no-clean flux-paste formulation is especially designed
for cell-phone repair, PCB repair, BGA, rework, CSP rework and
all SMT rework of SMT components. It is safe to use with SnPb
and lead-free solders. As a no-clean flux-paste it leaves little
residue and has been designed to aid efficient wetting activity.

Lead-free solders and PCB pad areas are more complex to
rework, but our flux formulation provides adequate wetting
at specified temperatures.

Kits are offered in 5cc and 10cc.The 5cc kits include standard
hand plungers whereas the 10cc kits include an ergonomic
"Easy-Plunger" which provides stress free dispensing of the flux
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SMT Rework Flux-Paste
Order information:

5cc no-clean flux-paste 8 piece syringe

10cc no-clean flux-paste 7 piece
syringe kit, includes "Easy-Plunger"
stress free ergonomic dispensing piston

Bulk 250cc jar no-clean flux-paste
Application of the Flux-Paste:

The flux is applied to the board directly
from the syringe with a needle, (needles
supplied in kit).

Typical Properties:

Form: Thixotropic Paste
Color: Pale yellow
Consistency: Low viscosity paste
Viscosity: 2000-2500 centerpoise

6 months from shipping date under the
following conditions: Store at 2 to
23°C. Keep the syringes closed and
sealed and avoid exposure to sunlight
and high humidity.
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