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Solder Paste Kit
Coprise rework lead-free no-clean

Coprise rework solder-paste is especially
formulated for efficient soldering of lead-free
components and Pb free PCB's requiring rework.

Suitable for all cell phone, PCB repair including
BGA repair and BGA rework, CSP repair and CSP
rework, SMT repair and SMT rework.
Order information:

5cc rework solder paste 8 piece
syringe kit

10cc rework solder paste 7 piece
syringe kit with easy-plunger stess
free ergonomic dispensing piston

Rework Solder-Paste
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Coprise rework solder-paste promotes wetting
while minimizing voids in SAC (Sn/Ag/Cu) alloy
soldering. A wide processing window compensates
for fine pitch soldering processes ensuring a
successfull repair.

Coprise solder-paste leaves a clear residue,
minimizes slumping for lower rework costs and
substantial time savings. The solder-paste can
also be reflowed in air or nitrogen environments.

Key Benefits:

* Excellent wetting
* Min. 8 hour tack and work life
* Very good after wait performance
* SIR 85/85 > 10E10 Ohm
* Constant perform at 30°C for 7 days
* Work conditions between 20 and 32°C

Physical Properties:
Alloy: Sn95.5/Ag4/Cu0.5 Metal powder
Particle size: 25 - 45 microns
Shape: Spherical
Melting Point: Sn95.5/Ag4/Cu0.5 = 217°C
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Application of the Solder Paste:

No-clean Pb-free solder paste is
applied to the board directly from
the syringe with a needle,
(needles supplied in kit).