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Syringes (Barrels), Adapters, Parts, Caulking Guns, Barrel Loaders & Nozzles
Dispensing Cartridges, Retainers

Polyethylene cartridges are available in 2.5oz, 6oz, 8oz and 12oz sizes. They can be
used with cartridge retainers. Accessories include cartridge plungers, retainer
regulators, luer lock tip adapters to accept standard luer lock tips, end caps and
hoses assemblies
Barrel Loaders for Filling Syringes

Barrel loaders automatically load syringes with fluid from prepackaged 12 oz
cartridges or 1/10th gallon containers. Fotr these two package options there is a
manually actuated model and an automatically timed model using the a dispenser
Caulking Gun

A popular prepackaged dispensing cartridge is 300ml and can be dispensed
directly using a cartridge retainer and cap as shown. Another dispensing cartridge
is the package that can be supplied empty for filling. These are used for dispensing
higher volumes of liquid and are sized in fluid ounces. They are often used for high
viscosity fluid such as, silicone and grease and will require higher fluid pressure.
For this reason metal cartridge retainers are offered.

Syringes & Accessories for an I&J Fisnar Syringe Adapters

An accessory dispensing kit is included with the purchase of a liquid dispenser. The kit
will include a selection of accessories to get started. Replacement parts can be
purchased separately including syringes (barrels) dispensing pistons, polyethylene
pistons, end caps, barrel adapter O rings, hose, safety clips. clamps and quick connects.
For replacement dispensing syringes (barrels) and tips (needles) click this link.
Texas & Mexico
1/4" NPT Nozzles for Fitting to Cartridges and Dispensing Valves

Polypropylene dispensing nozzles are for dispensing larger deposits of material,
which cannot be dispensed using a conventional dispensing tip. They are offered in
several sizes and shapes to dispense different sized beads and include flat wipe and
brush styles. All nozzles have 1/4" NPT fittings.