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Liquid Dispensing Machines, Tips & Components for Assembly
Automatic Liquid Dispensers

A selection of industrial controllers including, adhesive and glue dispensers, fluid controllers, liquid dispensers and digital systems for many types of fluids, such as silicone, RTV, cyanoacrylate, anaerobic, UV cure and resin dispensing.
Hand Dispensers

Many liquid dispensing operations can be accomplished using a hand
held fluid dispenser, such as a caulking gun, manual syringe & plungers, flux pens and cleaning pens, adhesive cartridge guns, silicone guns, cartridge dispensers and glue tube hand guns.
Dispensing Reservoirs, Extruder Pumps for Cans and Pails

Working with fluids often require storage in a reservoir, we offer stainless steel tanks, for UV cure resins, bottle top and open lid versions, glass chambers for cyanoacrylate, solvent, alcohol and volatile substances. Anaerobic materials can be accommodated using a reservoir liner. Extruder pumps deliver viscose fluid from cans and pails.
Dispensing Tips

Dispensing tips are also known as dispensing needles. Blunt end
dispensing tips are the most popular and versions can be found in
different gauges, lengths and threads. Tapered dispensing tips are
used for high viscosity fluids, they are also known as smooth-flow
tips. Precision tips are machined stainless steel. Teflon tips are used
wto dispense cyanoacrylate.
Dispensing Syringes, Adapters, syringe pistons and syringe parts

Dispensing syringes are available in 3, 5, 10 and 30cc sizes. For general
dispensing polypropylene barrels are clear so that the fluid may be seen.
Semi transparent, tan colored dispensing barrels are suitable for some
types of UV cure resins and black opaque dispensing barrels are suitable
for all UV cure resins. Component parts such as pistons and end caps.
Caulking guns, Barrel Loading, Cartridges & Nozzles

Barrel Loaders for filling syringes. Cartridges are available in 2.5oz,
6oz, 8oz and 12oz sizes. Caulking guns, for 310ml cartridges, have a
metal cartridge retainer with air pressure applied via a retainer cap
that can be connected to a DSP501A automatic dispenser.
Polypropylene dispensing nozzles have 1/4" NPT threads.
Dispensing Valves

Valves are selected by fluid viscosity, fluid content and the purpose
that the valve will be used for. Spool valves are for high viscosity
having suck-back for a clean cut off. Poppet types perform smaller
shots sizes with snuff-back. Diaphragm models are for volatile fluids
and UV resins. Pinch-tube valves also handle volatile's.
Meter-Mix Dispensing

Many adhesives, polyurethane, resins and epoxies are supplied as
two-part formulations and require precision meter mix machines to
handle the metering of the component parts. Metering machines
are available as gear-pump systems for lower viscosities and piston-pump machines are for higher viscosity fluids and materials with filler.
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