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Precision Reservoir and Extruder Pump Dispensing
Pail Pump

A simple hand pump for a 5 gallon straight walled pail, suitable for dispensing grease,
paste, RTV and silicone dispensing. The manual pail pump can be used for barrel
loading, syringe filling or larger cartridge filling, which will be used for automatic
Reservoir Tanks

Reservoirs are used to store and feed bulk fluids. Dispensing reservoirs are either top
ported for viscosities less than 35,000cps or bottom ported up to 300,000cps.
Versions are available in open top or bottle top. Open top reservoirs can accept liners
for materials that need to avoid metal contact. Fluid reservoirs are either aluminum
or stainless steel.
Clear Reservoir

A see through pressure chamber that accepts 1 lb jars of volatile adhesives, solvents
and hazardous substances such as cyanoacrylate. The chamber is also available in
acrylic, but the glass model is recommended for volatile fluids dispensing. The
reservoir can be used in manual dispensing using a pinch tube pen or part of an
automated dispensing system.
Extruder Pumps

Extruder pumps are for dispensing high viscosity fluids, such as silicone, grease and
paste. The model DA35 is an electric pump and the model 235-871 is pneumatically
operated. Both pumps will dispense from 1Kg, 1qt & 1 gallon (3 Kg) cans, the 235-871
is available for 5 gallon pails also. A pressure wiper plate ensures a clean wipe as the
fluid is used
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