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Dispensing Tips
Blunt End Tips

I&J Fisnar offer an extensive selection of industrial performance precision blunt end
dispensing tips with molded hubs and stainless steel needles. To optimize dispensing
results tips are available in full luer lock thread for high viscosity materials and less
costly ear type luer lock fastenings for less viscose liquid dispensing. Tips are available
in a selection of lengths and angles for precise assembly dispensing applications.

Tapered Tips, Flexible Tips, Teflon Lined Tips, Brush Tips

When dispensing high viscosity liquids it is advisable to use a smooth--flow tapered tip
that offers less resistance to flow than a blunt end tip, the dispensing performance is
improved and any possibility of clogging is reduced. Dispensing tips are available in full
thread luer lock and ear type luer lock fastening. A wide selection of sizes are offered.
Other tips include Teflon Lined for Cyanoacrylate, flexible tips that can be trimed and a
selection of brush tips.
Texas & Mexico
Stainless Steel Tips

Precision stainless steel tips are internally machined for guaranteed smooth flow liquid
dispensing. Dispensing needles are available in, single, twin, triple and quad types for
specialized assembly dispensing operations.