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Power screwdrivers
ESD safe electric screwdrivers offer excellent performance while reducing
particles and contaminates, such as oil deposits. Coprise LLC supply only the
safer lever-start screwdriver models as the alternative push-to-start types
can cause head stripping and could possibly endanger the user. A wide
range of fully automatic shut-off screwdrivers and screwdriver kits with a
variety of torque settings are offered including a high speed 110V model
Pneumatic screwdrivers are suitable for high torque loads and are not
recommended for light assembly. ASA fully automatic shut-off screwdrivers
have a clutch torque accuracy of +/- 3% and include a long life durable
motor. Tools are color coded and provide low noise, less vibration and
higher accuracy. A soft resin formulated advanced grip reduces operator
fatigue. Tool balancers, pistol grips and torque covers are available.
These popular electric screwdrivers kits provide a cost effective method of
selecting the products necessary for a screwdriver installation. Kits
include, a torque adjusted screwdriver assembly, controller, torque cover
and tool balancer.
Power conversion controllers for electric screwdrivers step down mains
power to a safe operating low voltage. Controllers are available in single
and dual screwdriver outlets. Attachment options include right angle
heads, torque covers, tool balancers, pistol grips and a torque controller
vacuum pump with attachments for non ferrus metals.
Power driver bits manufactured from high grade modified tool steel:

High Wear & Impact Resistance
Tempered for Maximum Torsional Strength
Tough Hardened Durability

All power screwdrivers require torque calibration and adjustment. The
27-AP-100 torque meter is a simple to use versitile digital torque
instrument offering three torque range settings. The system measures
torque in clockwise and counter clockwise directions. An RS-232C is
included to attach to a computer for data logging and editing.
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