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PCB solders & fluxes
Heraeus F640 is the first step that comfortably puts you on the path to
lead-free assembly. F640 is a new, state-of-the-art, lead-free solder paste
for SMT applications. F640 series leaves a clear residue, minimizes slumping
and maximizes print-to-print consistency.
A production low residue no-clean tack flux-paste designed for use with
SMT, BGA, CSP assembly operations, attaching chips to various substrates.
Tack flux-paste TF38 leaves a minimal clear residue that may be left on the
substrate or removed with cosolvents and/or saponifiers.
Heraeus PD 955 PY is a thermosetting single-component, solvent-free
polymer adhesive, developed especially for the surface mounting of SMT
components on to PCBs and for use on bare substrates. Because of the
known residual thermoplasticity of the cured adhesive, defective
components can be easily reworked with hot air above 100C.
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