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Heraeus lead-free solder paste:

For any electronic manufacturing application,
whether for consumer, automotive, computer, communications, aerospace or medical, Heraeus advance formula products include a full range of reliable SMT materials.

Heraeus F640 is the first step that comfortably
sets a company on the path to green. F640 is a new, state-of-the-art, lead-free solder paste for SMT applications.

F640 promotes wetting on a variety of surfaces
and finishes, while minimizing voids in SAC
(Sn/Ag/Cu) alloy soldering. A wide processing
window compensates for variations in printing,
component placement and soldering processes.

F640 series leaves a clear residue, minimizes
slumping and maximizes print-to-print
consistency for lower processing costs, easy
setup and substantial time-savings.

F640 series can also be reflowed in air or
nitrogen environments.

Key Benefits:

* Exceptional print to print consistency
* Excellent wetting
* Min. 8 hour tack and work life
* Very good after wait performance
* SIR 85/85 > 10E10 Ohm
* Constant perform at 30°C for 7days
* Work conditions between 20 and 32°C
* Fulfils Siemens Standard accord. DIN EN
29454 Part 1. Passes J-STD-004

Product description:

F640SAC Series
Alloy: Sn95.5/Ag4/Cu0.5 (Standard)
Sn96.5/Ag3/Cu0.5 (upon request)

Physical Properties:
Metal powder:
Particle size: Type 3 = 25 - 45 microns (325/+500
Other powder sizes upon request.
Shape: Spherical
Melting Point: Sn95.5/Ag4/Cu0.5 = 217°C
Sn96.5/Ag3/Cu0.5 = 217°C
Composition: Sn95.5/Ag4/Cu0.5 =
Sn96.5/Ag3/Cu0.5 = F640SA30C5-89M30
Other lead free alloys upon request.
Density: Sn95.5/Ag4/Cu0.5 7,4 g/cc

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Dispensing grade:
F 640 SA 40 C 5 - 87 D 3 - 10cc syringe
Screen grade:
F 640 SA 30 C 5 - 89 M 30 - 250gms jar

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