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Power Advance Label Dispensing Machines - Increase Production - Save Waste
Model 15-1011
Label Dispenser for Large Roll Labels (butt cut or die cut)

A high-speed dispenser that will provide easy dispensing of most large
labels in rolls up to 9" diameter (15" with an optional roll holder extension kit). Permits efficient "FAST" continuous labeling of products with the labels waiting for your personnel and not your personnel waiting for the labels.
Model 15-DS11
Sheet Label Dispenser for Pressure Sensitive Labels

Ideal for pressure sensitive labels in sheets of 8.50" width. Copier
laser labels and others in sheet form are easy to produce, but they
are very difficult to peel and affix. With the model 15-DS11 an operator can affix them more than twice as quickly. Wt 9lbs., 115V 60Hz 70Watt.
Model 15-0U60
High Speed Power Advance Label Dispenser for Large Labels

Accepts rolls or fan fold formats up to 6" width, rolls up to 9" diameter
and 15" (381mm) with large roll adapter. Recommended for larger labels
where fast label delivery is beneficial to the dispensing operation.
Weight 9.50 lbs. 115V 60Hz 70Watt.
Model 15-00D5
Power Advance Multiple Roll Label Dispenser

An utility dispenser for up to five rolls of labels. Will allow selection and dispensing of one to five labels with one hand. Possible to power advance almost any label, butt cut or die cut, thick or thin up to 5.50" ( 139.7mm)diameter rolls.
Model 15-00SS
Manual Label Dispenser Simple Operation

Up to 6-3/4" (171.4mm) capacity, handles 1 to 5 rolls of pressure
sensitive labels. Pull down on the liner to advance each label. A compact, sturdy, high quality, and highly useful precision dispenser Supports up to 6" (152.4mm) diameter rolls. W. 4 Lbs.
Model 15-0U45
Roll Dispenser Power Advance 11" (279mm) a second

Suitable for printed labels in rolls, or one up fan fold computer print out
labels. Accepts formats up to 4.50" width and rolls up to 9" dia.
Optional sharp edge plate available for vinyl, acetate, foil, or other
very thin stock labels. Weight 8 lbs., 115V 60Hz 70Watt.
Model 15-0U25
Economic Power Advance Label Dispenser for Roll Labels

An economic power advance label dispenser delivering up to 6"
(152mm) a second. Will accept roll label widths of 3/8" (9.52mm) up to
2.5" (63.5mm). 115V 60Hz 70Watt.
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