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Two-Part, Meter, Mix, and Dispense
Meter Mix Dispense Questionnaire

The first step to requesting a proposal for a meter mix machine for materials such
as epoxy mixing, polyeurethane resins, doming and casting resins is to complete the
questionnaire. Details are required on their viscosity, SG, content and behavior.
Next are process shot size and volume. Once the information is received a proposal
can be presented.
Piston Pump Meter Mix

A piston pump meter mix dispensing machine is a cost effect solution, particularly
with higher viscosities and moderate production output. Two metering pumps of exact
size and ratio dispense the two materials through non-return valves to a static mixing
nozzle, the two materials pass through a series of mixing elements until blended into
one component.
Gear Pump Meter Mix & Heated Pressure Vacuum Tanks

Gear pump systems are designed for lower viscosities and higher volumes. They are
generally more costly than piston pump meter mix machines but are suited to an
automatic assembly line system. The two components enter into a precision gear that
can very accurately meter the flow and therefore the volume of material. Mixing
nozzles finally mix the two components. Heatedvacuum tanks have options of electric
or pneumatic agitators and are used when fluids require degassing and/or heating.
Static Mixing Nozzles

A range of static mixing nozzles provide sizes based upon the number of elements in
the nozzle, which can range from 24 to 56, the number of elements are determined
by the material manufacturer. Static mixers are used with both piston pump and gear
pump machines. I&J Fisnar provide static mixing nozzles for all makes of meter mix
Texas & Mexico