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I&J Fisnar controlled automatic dispensing for adhesives, glue, silicone,
RTV, UV cure resins, cyanoacrylate, anaerobic and epoxy resins. Also
dispensers for caulking cartridges and glue-tubes. Dispensing valves, fluid reservoirs, meter mix machines for two part fluids, pail extruder pumps, dispensing tips, syringes, cartridges, nozzles and accessories.
I&J Fisnar desk top robots are now priced so that it is a practicle decision to justify automating any dispensing application. Industrial robots include,
cartesian, SCARA and robot arms, gantry models for conveyor and in-line applications - all robots have I/O intefaces and a free video trial service is offered to program and evaluate your application.
By far the most prefered type of industrial screwdrivers are electric,
although for some heavy-duty assembly jobs pneumatic screwdrivers
are used. Electric screwdrivers do not exhaust contaminates, shuch as oil,
they are quiet and easily maintained. ASA lever-start screwdrivers have
grown in popularity and offer a high quality, reliable competitive choice.
Especially formulated no-clean PCB repair fluxes, cleaners and Pb-free
solder for BGA and SMT rework and other PCB component repair. Products
include no-clean liquid flux to penetrate beneath a CSP or BGA to assist
removal, paste or gel flux to aid soldering, cleaning pens to prep the area
and Pb-free solder to ensure a quality rework result.
Heraeus products are reknown for quality and performance, our assembly
formulations are the first step in controlling a Pb-free production process.
Products meet RoHs regulations and assist in overcoming the issues and
problems found in the compatability of lead free components and PCB's.
production solutions for
Service: 956-541-7393
A range of economical label dispensers for all types of industrial and
commercial labels. Save time, reduce waste with these robust
dispensers. Each power advance label dispenser has a two year
Bench Assembly Products
A selection of bench dispensing products HD & LD 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 12oz
bottles, dispensing caps and gravity fed reservoir applicators. Prevents
spillage and evaporation, enhances operator safety. Contact Coprise for