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Coprise rework non-toxic organic cleaner

The Coprise organic rework pen is a precision cleaner and
degreaser formulated with biodegradable citrus terpenes.

Designed as a room-temperature defluxer it is completely

Its convenient flow-valve pen package makes it ideal for
dispensing just the right amount of fluid to remove all
traces of flux residues and debris.
The rework cleaning pen is suitable for all types of SMT
repair, SMT rework, BGA repair, BGA rework, CSP rework. It
removes flux residues, ionics, greases, oils and other

It works well on rosin fluxes, synthetic fluxes, water-soluble
fluxes and no-clean solders.

The solvent has passed the IPC Phase II benchmark tests
for working on mil spec projects.
Order information:

Rework organic non-toxic
cleaning pen 8 piece kit
Rework Cleaning Pen
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Service: 956-541-7393
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Using the cleaning pen:

After removal of component - remove
the excess solder using solder wick or
a desoldering tool assited by Coprise
rework no-clean liquid-flux. Then
apply the organic cleaning fluid pen by
lightly pressing down on the nib,
opening the valve, apply liberally and
wipe residue and contaminates with
an antiststic wipe.