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Coprise no-clean rework
liquid-flux kits:


No-clean, low residue liquid-flux for BGA rework, PCB
repair, CSP rework and SMT repair.

Coprise liquid-flux is also an excellent aid to penetrate
under the spheres of a BGA or CSP component prior to
Coprise liquid-flux will solder lead-free and tin/lead
surfaces. The flux is formulated for soldering high
reliability circuitry with max soldering activity and as
wide an operating tolerance for fine pitch SMT rework

Passes all applicable IPC requirements with regard to
electrical corrosion and insulation resistance properties.
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Order information:

1oz flex-bottle liquid-flux no-clean
6 bottle kit, includes dispensing
cap and long-reach needles.

Bottles are shipped with shrink
wrapped no-leak caps.
production solutions for
Service: 956-541-7393
Application of Liquid Flux:

The low density 1oz bottle includes a
removable luer lock needle cap that
accepts dispensing needles (included),
simply squeeze the bottle gently to
dispense the liquid-flux.