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PCB Rework kits
Coprise no-clean flux-paste formulation is especially designed for cell-phone
repair, PCB repair, BGA, rework, CSP rework and all SMT rework of SMT
components. It is safe to use with SnPb and lead-free solders. As a
no-clean flux-paste it leaves little residue and has been designed to aid
efficient wetting activity.
No-clean, low residue liquid-flux for BGA rework, PCB repair, CSP rework and
SMT repair. Coprise liquid-flux is also an excellent aid to penetrate under
the spheres of a BGA or CSP component prior to removal. Kits include
dispensing cap and needles
Coprise rework no-clean solder paste is especially formulated for efficient
soldering of lead-free components and Pb free PCB's requiring rework.
Suitable for all cell phone, PCB repair including BGA repair and BGA rework,
CSP repair and CSP rework, SMT repair and SMT rework.
Rework pad preparation cleaning pens are suitable for all types of SMT
repair, SMT rework, BGA repair, BGA rework, CSP rework. It removes flux
residues, ionics, greases, oils and other contaminants. They work well on
rosin fluxes, synthetic fluxes, water-soluble fluxes and no-clean solders.
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Part # 77-2010 is the total rework solution, providing all the ingrediants
necessary to perform a PCB repair operation. The kit is a good place to
start your rework, relacement rework kits can be purchased to replenish
the total rework kit as items are used.