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Digital Torque Meter - Model #: 27-AP-100
Model 27-AP-100 digital torque meter is a
highly accurate and wide ranging torque meter
capable of measuring torque adjustments
clockwise and counter clockwise.

The instrument may be programmed to reset
to zero between 0.5 and 3 seconds.

A torque transducer allows the original
screwdriver bit to be used during calibration.

An RS-232C interface enables computer
recording, editing and calculation.
Measuring range:



Measuring direction:

Measuring - P-P:
Measuring - Track:

Zero adjustment:

Display - timer set function:

Data transfer:

Power - Auto save:
Power - Power supply:

Charging time:

Continuous working time:

Battery life:

Exclusive charger:

Socket size:

Size mm:

Weight Kg:
0.10 - 15.00 N.m., 1.0 - 150.0 kgf-cm, 1.0 - 130.0 lbf-in

1500 - 200digit +/- 0.5% - 199 - 15digit +/- 1 digit

LCD 3.5


Peak load value hold
Indication of real time torque value

Press Zero Check + Clear switches to zero the display

Timer is set 0.5 - 3.0 sec to zero the display by time

Rs-232C (Baud: 9600)

10 minutes idle
6VDC (Ni-cd chargable battery 1.2V*cells 700mAh)

From discharged - less than 8 hours to charge

Approx 20 hours

>300 charges

AC120V/230V 60/50Hz - DC7.25V - 120mA

12 angle or 20mm square

96(W) x 150(D) x 30(H)

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Data transfer:
ASJ-6/AS-J-30, RS-232C x 1
RS-232C connector (3)P x 1
Transfer bits x 8
Joint fittings:
M3 - M4 screw x 2
M4 x 6 screw x 4
M6 x 26 hex screw set x 2
27-AP-100 supplied
with calibration