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Total Rework Kit
No-clean total rework product kit:


Contains all products necessary to rework SMT components
and carry out PCB repair.

Kit includes:

No-clean flux-paste
formulation especially designed for
cell-phone repair, PCB repair, BGA, rework, CSP rework and all
SMT rework of SMT components. Safe to use with SnPb and
lead-free solders. As a no-clean flux-paste it leaves little
residue and has been designed to aid efficient wetting activity.

Lead-free solder paste is especially formulated for efficient
soldering of lead-free components and Pb free PCB's requiring
rework. Suitable for all cell phone, PCB repair including BGA
repair and BGA rework, CSP repair and CSP rework, SMT repair
and SMT rework.

No-clean Liquid-flux is a low residue liquid-flux for BGA
rework, PCB repair, CSP rework and SMT repair. Coprise
liquid-flux is also an excellent aid to penetrate under the
spheres of a BGA or CSP component prior to removal.

Organic rework pens are precision cleaners and degreasers
formulated with biodegradable citrus terpenes. Designed as a
room-temperature defluxer they are completely ozone-safe.
Convenient flow-valve pen packaging make them ideal for
dispensing just the right amount of fluid to remove all traces of
flux residues and debris.
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Total Rework Kit
Order information:

77-2010 total rewok kit comprising:
2 x 10cc no-clean flux-paste syringes
1 x 10cc lead-free solder paste syringe
1 x 1oz bottle liquid-flux
1 x luer-lock needle cap
1 x Set needles
1 x Easy-plunger stress free piston
2 x Organic cleaning pens
Application of the Flux and Solder:

No-clean Flux paste and Pb-free solder
paste is applied to the board directly from
the syringe with a needle, (needles
supplied in kit).

Application of Liquid Flux:

The low density 1oz bottle includes a
removable luer lock needle cap that
accepts dispensing needles (included),
simply squeeze the bottle gently to
dispense the liquid-flux.

Using the cleaning pen:

After removal of component - remove the
excess solder using solder wick or a
desoldering tool helpd by either the
Coprise rework no-clean liquid-flux or
flux-paste. Then apply the organic
cleaning fluid pen by lightly pressing down
on the nib, opening the valve, apply
liberally and wipe residue and
contaminates with an antiststic wipe.
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